Betsy Casañas is a studio artist and a public mural artist, a community activist and educator who was born and raised in the heart of “The Badlands” of North Philadelphia’s barrio. She studied art at Moore College of art and Design where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts and has worked in the Latino community since 1994. Casañas has exhibited her work in various solo and group exhibits and has designed over 40 public murals and mosaics nationally and internationally.   In 2007 Casañas, co-founded The Semilla Arts a grass roots initiative that uses collaborative art as a means of empowering individuals and communities in underserved areas. In 2010 Casanas opened “A Seed on Diamond Gallery” a community space where artists of different cultural background gather to tell their stories through spoken word, music and visual arts. 

Betsy Casañas is a Visual and Public Artist, an educator, a community activist and an organizer. She is the director of A Seed on Diamond Gallery (S.O.D.) and founder of Semilla Arts Initiative. Casañas has 24 years of experience in the arts and has created over 40 murals worldwide.


As a Latina artists who has been working in communities of color around the world I understand the importance of the people in  these communities to see themselves reflected in the artwork and in the leaders of the their communities. We have been depicted in a negative light on social media, news and television as second class citizens who should be feared. I believe it is our obligation as artists to reflect the times we are living in and to highlight the people’s story and change the narrative that has been created for us. By normalizing and humanizing our collective stories we create communities that are more tolerant.